A List of Websites that All Students Should Know About

School can be exhausting and troublesome. So let’s cut down those hour of work and get use of these awesome websites! Whether it’s a question in a textbook or a citation, I’ve got it all for you.

  • https://scholar.google.com/ – this website gives you more relevant information when writing an essay
  • https://books.google.com/ – need to find a quote in a book? Type it in here and google will find it for you.
  • http://m.wolframalpha.com/ – can’t figure out a math problem? Plug it into here! It’ll solve it step by step for you.
  • https://www.slader.com/ – need help on textbook homework? It has the questions and answers in any schoolbook you can think of.
  • http://hemingwayapp.com/ – need help revising an essay? This website will highlight any mistakes or literary tools you can use or change your sentences with.
  • http://www.sponsorchange.org/ – need to pay off loans? This website will help you pay off what you need in exchange for volunteer work.
  • https://textbooknova.com/ – don’t want to purchase an expensive schoolbook? Find your book for free on this website as an ebook.
  • https://www.wordhippo.com/ – this website is for when you can’t think of the word but you have a phrase to describe it. It’s also an advanced thesaurus.
  • https://sciemce.com/ – can’t find an answer to a question? This website can find it for you! Just type it in.
  • https://www.mystudylife.com/ – Organize your classes and schedule with this app. Never forget an assignment or due date.

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