What Kind of Tea Should You Be Drinking?

Are you a tea lover, but don’t know which tea is what? There are so many different types of tea out there. When I first transitioned from coffee to tea, I didn’t know where to start! Here is a list of different types of tea and what they are good for.

  • Chamomile Tea – Helps the immune system and digestion. Drink this before you go to bed or if you can’t sleep at night.
  • Green Tea – This tea is filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Drink this if you are tired, trying to lose weight, or feeling sick.
  • Chai Tea – This tea is proven to be a mood elevator and a natural laxative. Drink this tea if you are feeling sluggish or if you have a stomach ache
  • Oolong Tea – this tea is also filled with nutrients and vitamins (like green tea). It helps with fat burning and weight loss and also if you are breaking out.
  • Peppermint Tea – If you want a fresh caffeine-free tea, this one is for you. This tea also helps with headaches and soreness.

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