Work Smarter Not Harder

Have you ever been so frustrated that your last resort is giving up? Life throws many lemons at us, so instead of squeezing them into our eyes, we have to make some lemonade. This blog is to help you make lemonade out of those lemons! You can let out that breath you’ve been holding in and get ready to make life easier with these daily life hacks!

To start off your journey, here’s a tip on how to take a moment in an overwhelming situation.

How do I explain that having the chance to take a breather midlife and evaluate everything is rarer than a double rainbow?
― Lauren Weisberger, When Life Gives You Lululemons

Moments Like These

When stressed hormones are released into your body, an adrenaline rush starts. This leads to burdening thoughts and unnecessary worries. To counteract this, step back from the problem and take a couple deep breaths.

  • Inhale for three seconds
  • Hold for three seconds
  • Exhale for three seconds

Repeat this as many times as necessary in order to slow down your heart rate. This tactic also helps you dive into the situation with a different mindset.

No matter what the situation is, whether a problem at work or a homework assignment, step back from the dilemma and take the time to recuperate yourself.

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